WASCE Datasource in Portlet Factory


Photo By MorBCN

This weekend I was messing around with Websphere portlet factory 6.1.2 and trying to set up a datasource to the included WebSphere Application Server Community Edition proved to be more of a challenge than I had anticipated.  I found Development WAS CE Deployment Scenario in the Portlet Factory wiki which helped, but it seems to need a fix for the new version of Portlet Factory.  In the datasource creation section it describes changes to two files, one is within your Portlet Factory project (WEB-INFbindeploymentwasce.web.xml) and the other is supposed to be within one of the folders of the Portlet Factory designer installation (WPFDesignerFeatureSetsWeb-App_6.0.2DeploymentantscriptstemplatesWEB-INFgeronimo-web.xml).  It seems this was the case for Portlet Factory 6.0.2, but for 6.1.2 I couldn’t find the second file in the specified location.  After searching all over the Portlet factory designer installation files I decided to search the workspace since it was the only other logical place to search, and BINGO!  The geronimo-web.xml is now included in the same directory as the wasce.web.xml.