You Can Help!!!


Photo By ViNull

This Saturday I’m going to be competing at the Tampa Bay Dragonboat Races as part of the Big Blue Dragons Team.  As part of the event we are asked to help with fund raising with the proceeds going to two great organizations: FACTors Breast Cancer Patient Support Program at Moffitt Cancer Center and the Florida Aquarium.

So if you can please Make a Donation

If you make a donation remember to fill out our team name as Big Blue Dragons and my name as individual paddler Carlos Rivera.

If you live in the Tampa Bay area come watch the races behind the St Pete Times Forum –> Map

IBM Offering to Move People to India


Photo By atterhorn

I read an interesting article on the InformationWeek site today, where IBM explains that it has a new program called “Project Match” that consists of helping laid off workers move to new jobs in developing markets like India, China, and Brazil.

So let me get this straight, they not only offshore jobs, but now they want to offshore people too?  Isn’t the off shoring one of the mayor reasons the economy is the way it is?  Sorry but I’m just against the off shoring.  The experiences some of my clients have gone through with off shoring have proved that it is not all that it is made out to be.  Anyway read the article to get all the details on IBM’s “Project Match”.

First Post


Over the years I have read a lot of very interesting and helpful blogs, some of which have saved me many hours of banging my head against the wall when I have ran into technical problems on a project. I’ve been contemplating creating my own blog for some time now and be able to contribute back to the community at least a bit of what I have learned over the years. Well finally I decided to give it a go.

I will mainly concentrate on Lotus Notes/Domino development and WebSphere Portal development, but will also post things about java in general, VB.NET, etc., really anything I find interesting that has to do with technology. It will also depend on my current projects and the interesting problems I run into.