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This Saturday I’m going to be competing at the Tampa Bay Dragonboat Races as part of the Big Blue Dragons Team.  As part of the event we are asked to help with fund raising with the proceeds going to two great organizations: FACTors Breast Cancer Patient Support Program at Moffitt Cancer Center and the Florida Aquarium.

So if you can please Make a Donation

If you make a donation remember to fill out our team name as Big Blue Dragons and my name as individual paddler Carlos Rivera.

If you live in the Tampa Bay area come watch the races behind the St Pete Times Forum –> Map

2 thoughts on “You Can Help!!!

  1. Naveen K Kapoor

    Hi Carlos,

    I am new to Domino Java development. I have a question, Can we directly access the mails from Domino server without installing the LN Client. We have a requirement where I have to fetch data from the database without installing the LN Client.

  2. Hi Naveen,

    Sorry for not responding before, but I've not had the time to do so.

    Based on the information included in your comment this is one option you have:

    Assuming you have a domino server that has the http task turned on, you can create a simple lotus notes app that has the proper access to get information from the mail files. Then you can create an agent that you can call via a url that gets the info you need and returns it in the format you want. That agent could be a java or a lotusscript agent.

    Hope that points you in the right direction. If you want to discuss further feel free to send me an email at

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