WASCE Datasource in Portlet Factory


Photo By MorBCN

This weekend I was messing around with Websphere portlet factory 6.1.2 and trying to set up a datasource to the included WebSphere Application Server Community Edition proved to be more of a challenge than I had anticipated.  I found Development WAS CE Deployment Scenario in the Portlet Factory wiki which helped, but it seems to need a fix for the new version of Portlet Factory.  In the datasource creation section it describes changes to two files, one is within your Portlet Factory project (WEB-INFbindeploymentwasce.web.xml) and the other is supposed to be within one of the folders of the Portlet Factory designer installation (WPFDesignerFeatureSetsWeb-App_6.0.2DeploymentantscriptstemplatesWEB-INFgeronimo-web.xml).  It seems this was the case for Portlet Factory 6.0.2, but for 6.1.2 I couldn’t find the second file in the specified location.  After searching all over the Portlet factory designer installation files I decided to search the workspace since it was the only other logical place to search, and BINGO!  The geronimo-web.xml is now included in the same directory as the wasce.web.xml.

IBM Offering to Move People to India


Photo By atterhorn

I read an interesting article on the InformationWeek site today, where IBM explains that it has a new program called “Project Match” that consists of helping laid off workers move to new jobs in developing markets like India, China, and Brazil.

So let me get this straight, they not only offshore jobs, but now they want to offshore people too?  Isn’t the off shoring one of the mayor reasons the economy is the way it is?  Sorry but I’m just against the off shoring.  The experiences some of my clients have gone through with off shoring have proved that it is not all that it is made out to be.  Anyway read the article to get all the details on IBM’s “Project Match”.