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Last week I was asked to provide some stats from an existing application which didn’t have logging built into it.  After extensively searching on google and other search engines the only method I found was to use the NotesUserActivity class from the Lotus Sandbox.  This class uses the C api to get at the user activity data of a lotus notes database.

I know the user activity is in no way a replacement for building logging into the application, but this is an existing application which didn’t have logging.  The issue I ran into was that the user activity in a notes database only holds 1400 records, so this means that if the database is used heavily you might only get a few hours of usage data.  Luckily the application I’m reporting on isn’t used that heavily so I got about a month worth of usage data, but I was asked to provide stats since the release of the application.  So I was just wondering if there another way to get usage data from a lotus notes application that doesn’t have logging built into it?

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  1. Anonymous

    AGECOM have completely reviewed the code in the NotesUser Activity class (CLASSUserActivity) application and released an update of it.

    Improvements in 'Release 2' include:
    * Numerous fixes and enhancements to the original code.
    * Correction to data types and memory alignments when making calls to Lotus C-API code from LotusScript.
    * Fix memory leaks.
    * Implementation of error handling throughout the code.
    * Enhancement to sample agent for collection and displaying retrieved user activity information.
    * Uses (reads / writes) now shown for entire reporting period.
    * New views showing usage in all or selected databases.
    * Application can now be used 'out-of-the-box'.

    You can download the update from the AGECOM website at:

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