Trim Down Windows XP for Your Virtual Machines


Photo By nebelcarrillo

This article from lifehacker explains how to remove unnecessary components of your WinXP installation cd.  This allows you to install WinXP on older hardware or virtual machines where resources are sometimes lacking.  They also mention an application to trim down existing installations of WinXP.  I’m trying it out on one of my existing virtual machines and will blog later on my findings.

Embbeded Docs in Form

I ran into a strange situation the other day in a lotus notes application I have to maintain at work. When I edited the main form the first time and saved it, it took over 5 minutes to save!! When I looked at the size of the template is was over 90MB, it didn’t have any data in it, and the % utilized was 99%. So first thing I tried was to delete all design elements except for the form and compacted the template, that didn’t help. Next I decided to export the form using DXL, since opening it in the designer didn’t show anything out of the ordenary.

What I found was very interesting, at the end of the form element there seemed to be over 5 MS word documents “attached”. I also found some weird fields that seem to be stuff attached to the form also. Using the technique described in Make a Notes view list design elements I created an agent to create a view to show the form element, then I created an action to delete the weird fields from the form.  As soon as I ran that action and compacted the template it went down to 30MB.

I for one have never seen this situation before, have any of you ran into something similar?  What was the cause?